The English Introduction for Dayuan Junior High School


        In August, 1952 Japan occupied Taiwan. 

That place used to be the radio satation.Now it becomes

Dayuan Branch of Taoyuan Junior High School.

    There are four  classrooms, a dormitory for the teachers

and workers  and also a big gym. It was called ¡§Dayuan  Branch 

of Taoyuan Junior High School. It belongs to Taoyuan  county¡§.

Principal Pei-Tzu Tsao hired the other principal Ma-Feng Huang

to be the supervisor for the school.

               The next year, the school changed its name into

        ¡§Dayuan Junior High School¡¨The government sent Pao-Lin Chi

        to be the principal, and made the school to be a 4-year high school. 

        There were three major subjusts-agriculture, housewifery,

        construction for the students to study.

                In 1957, a branch school was established in Dazhu Village,

        Luzhu Township. In 1967, the school name was changed into

        ¡§Da Yuan Junior High School of Tayuan County¡¨ under the policy

        of the 9-year compulsory education.

                In 1975, the continuation school was set up, enrolling

        2 classes of new students. Now Da Yuan Junior High School

        has 67 classes, and the has 3 classes.

                With the efforts of all the school members and the support,

        help of the local people, the school is getting better and better

        to achieve a more prominent future vision.





Dayuan Wind Band

School Sports Festival

Integrating Technology into Teaching


Wonderful Cooking Skill


to cultivate good citizens

Multiple Learning
Deligent and Simple Living
Discover Hope
Create Future


School Members

Position Principal Administrator Teacher Nurse
Count 1 4 147 1
Position Staff Janitor Guard Kitchen
Count 14 4 3 9
Position Temporary ¡@ Students ¡@
Count 1 ¡@ 2275 ¡@





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Fax: 886-3-3869643


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